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Circular Economy, Research and Education

Aegean Rebreath engages in various fields of activity aiming to develop interrelated actions that will aim at understanding the extent of the problem of marine pollution, while identifying holistic solutions.

Educational seminars in schools across Greece

Through student education, we seek to inform the next generations about the magnitude and root causes of marine pollution, focusing on passing on the message that there are solutions to protect the marine environment. In this context, we have chosen a specific methodology for students to learn about the causes and effects of marine pollution and develop their own ideas on how to protect the environment with the aim to realize them through the implementation of small actions in their school.

Data collection

Data collection is of great significance as it provides important information on the magnitude and various aspects of the marine pollution issue at the local level. Given that long-term monitoring of the areas we implement activities is our priority, data gathering allows to monitor not only the evolution of the problem but also needs that arise. To date, Aegean Rebreath has developed a database that includes information the quantities and types of materials collected during the implementation of activities in 40 regions in Greece. Our aim is to further develop our data repository in order to draw broader conclusions on Greek seas and coasts. This is the only way to obtain a clearer picture of the environmental degradation in specific areas. Our organization, based on the data it has collected, is already advancing the use of geographic information systems to give citizens access to relevant information.

Research activity

We have begun research on the quality of seawater and the concentration of heavy metals and microplastics in it. We are more than happy cooperating with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research and the University of West Attica. The main objective of this activity is the creation of a database that will provide additional information on the degree of water pollution in the areas our team operates. At the same time, we aim to start activities for the mapping of posidonia meadows (Posidonia oceanica) and the assessment of conditions needed for the creation of artificial reefs.

Why Aegean Rebreath

Καθαρίζοντας το Βυθό Aegean Rebreath

Our actions in depolluting the seabeds are the first organized initiatives with the help and support of various governmental structures while our philosophy includes the awareness and training of the local communities and schools.


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