Programmes Overview

Pilot Programmes in cooperation with companies

Our basic principle and belief in Aegean Rebreath is to assume responsibility and activate all stakeholders to join our efforts in cleaning up the marine environment. To achieve this, we need to focus on a change of established habits and behaviors, not only at consumer levels but also with regard to public administration and private companies.

From the very first moment, our organization wanted to engage companies as well in the implementation of pilot projects that could contribute to raising awareness on environmental issues, educating and improving services and production processes, so as to highlight the urgent need to reduce polluting packaging and products.

Through the pilot projects that we develop in collaboration with several companies, we promote innovation and technology, collect primary data that we further communicate at a central level and undertake to train the companies’ staff. At the same time, we actively contribute to the development of policies by companies, according to the international ESG criteria and in line with our work that is related to the 17 UN goals on sustainable development.

Messinia: A holistic, pilot intervention for single-use plastics

An innovative program to raise public awareness over single-use plastics, limit their use, prevent them from ending up in the marine environment and protect important habitats in Messinia with the sponsorship of Nescafe. The program included a series of holistic initiatives and targeted interventions implemented for the first time in Greece.


Small Actions, Big Crimes: prevent the dumping of cigarette butts in the marine environment

The program “Small Actions, Big Crimes” is an innovative initiative for the environment implemented in the area of Rafina in collaboration with the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, the Committee for the Sustainable Environment of Rafina – Pikermi, the Rafina Port Authority and the support of British American Tobacco. It combines research work and awareness actions to combat reckless disposal of cigarette butts while it also aims to collect real data on the disposal of cigarette butts in the marine environment, highlight good practices that will promote the development of evidence-based proposals, raise public awareness and leverage a change in the public’s behavior patterns towards more sustainable practices.


A nationwide research on microplastics on the beaches

For the first time in Greece, we executed thorough sampling for microplastics in 20 areas of the country. A project that, in addition to raising awareness, aimed at producing fundamental data on a global problem that remains unexplored in our country.


Adopting the beaches of Antiparos

In collaboration with the Municipality of Antiparos and the kind sponsorship of PepsiCo Hellas we are developing an innovative program to address the issue of marine litter on the island through holistic interventions. The program comes to complete other important initiatives and actions undertaken by the municipality in collaboration with our organization, aiming to promote the message of recycling and the circular economy and actively involving the local community, tourism businesses and tourists.


“Blue Isles” Erasmus + Project for the marine ecosystem

From January 2022 and for 24 months we participate, in collaboration with five European organizations in Malta, Cyprus, Italy and Spain1, in the adult education program Erasmus + entitled “Supporting Fishing Waste Reduction and Marine Systems Preservation in European Islands and Coastal Areas, BLUE-ISLES”. The project is co-funded by the European Union.


Thermaikos: initial interventions for the restoration of the marine environment

We are moving forward with the support of Nescafe and in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki in the implementation of a holistic program that foresees interventions for the recovery of marine litter in Thermaikos gulf, the provision of information and the enhancement of awareness of the local community. The program includes 4 main pillars of activities which include the use of smart technologies as well as the active participation of the local authorities and the local community.


Project for promoting the use of tap water

This project is an innovative venture that aims to activate the local community of Alonissos regarding the use of tap water. The content of the project was formed after consultation with Nina Schnabel, a regular visitor to Greece but also a constant supporter of our work, who wanted to encourage and finance the implementation of a project that would aim to promote tap water and reduce single-use plastics.


Recycle your Sail: new pilot project for yachts

The new pilot project aims to activate entrepreneurs in recreational yachts and their visitors and raise awareness on waste management. It is implemented in Santorini in collaboration with the Municipal Port Fund of Thira and the support of PepsiCo Hellas.


Andros: a programme for the underwater landfill

In the island of Andros in 2011, there was a collapse of an illegal landfill situated in the Stavropeda area, around 160m above sea level and 850m from the nearest shore. The collapse resulted in huge quantities of waste being spread in the seabed of the nearby area as well as across the Aegean Sea. The waste quickly traveled across the Aegean and beyond. By that time, no initiatives or drastic measures were taken and, as a result, the now underwater landfill remained an invisible issue.