We have developed a solid partnership network with a great number of municipalities, local organizations and diving centres in order to implement extended clean up activities, educational workshops, awareness events, processing of marine litter and, also, the collection of scientific data.  We are positive that without the support and contribution of the local shareholders no initiative can be viable and fruitful for the needs of the local community. 

We are deeply grateful for the contribution of the below listed entities in our work and activities!


Λογότυπο Δήμου Τήνου    Λογότυπο Δήμος Σύρου - Ερμούπολης     Λογότυπο Δήμου Αντιπάρου      Λογότυπο Δήμου Πόρου       Λογότυπο Nautilus Dive Centre     Λογότυπο Naxos Island Wildlife Conservation     Λογότυπο Plastic Free Greece     Λογότυπο Greek Scuba Diving Centre        Logotype Paros Municipality