Marine Litter Stations

Establishment of marine litter collection stations

The idea of establishing marine litter stations is a unique and innovative idea and perception of our organization, which ranked first among 475 ideas in Europe in the context of Advocate Europe contest.

The stations are established at harbours, where mainly fishing communities operate and are equipped with bins and relevant signage that helps citizens and fishermen place collected litter by the sea and coastal zones. Municipal authorities, in cooperation with our team, are responsible for monitoring waste and distributing it to recycling or upcycling plants. In this context, our organization participates in the Blue Cycle program, where fishing gear is collected via our stations and through our underwater and coastal operations.

Marine litter collection stations are very important for achieving our goals and strengthening our relations with fishermen and coastal communities, promoting our innovative approach for recycling and upcycling marine litter, developing data of scientific interest, as well as operating as hubs that facilitate the implementation of numerous activities by our team.

Recently, the network of stations acquired the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, while our organization, together with the cooperating municipalities, has already started official efforts to create the first National Network of Municipalities that will focus on the protection of the marine environment.

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Paros island

Our stations are located at the Paroikia and Naousa areas and were established in cooperation with the Municipality of Paros. In this context, we work together with the local fishermen association and a number of stakeholders in the island that contribute to the efficient management of the station.

Antiparos island

The station is the first one in Greece and was established in cooperation with the Municipality of Antiparos and with the support of the Cyclades Preservation Fund. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the station we cooperate with the fishermen association, the Antiparos Recycling Committee and the dive center Blue Island Divers.

Leukada island

Our first marine litter station in the Ionian islands! In collaboration with the Municipality of Lefkada, the local authorities of Lygia and the local cultural association! A project that finds all of us determined  for turning this station a guide for the rest of the Ionian islands!

Syros island

Our station is located in Tarsanas area. For its establishment and operations we fully cooperate with the Recycling Agency of the island (ΦΟΔΣΑ), the Municipal Authorities of Syros island, the Port authority and the Fishing Associations. We are really happy that our long cooperation resulted in the establishment of the first station in the capital of Cyclades.

Tinos island

Another fruitful cooperation with the Municipal Authorities of Tinos, the Social Enterprise Kalloni-Kellia and the Fishing Association resulted in the establishment of our station in the island of Tinos! Another island where we are committed to introduce widespread activities.

Poros island

The station is located in Pounta and was established under the support of Day8-Yacht Week and the Municipality of Poros. Our objective is to demonstrate the added value of our first station in the islands of Argo-Saronic Gulf!


Anafi island

Our station is located at the port of Anafi and is a live evidence of the exceptional cooperation we have with the municipal authorities of the island. It is also a clear example of an extremely active fishing community as all discussions for the establishment of the station started with the initiative of the fishing communities of Antiparos and Anafi!

Why Aegean Rebreath

Καθαρίζοντας το Βυθό Aegean Rebreath

Our actions in depolluting the seabeds are the first organized initiatives with the help and support of various governmental structures while our philosophy includes the awareness and training of the local communities and schools.


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