Aegean Rebreath History

Aegean Rebreath was established in 2017 to respond to the urgent need to clean the seabed and to promote the protection of Aegean biodiversity, which is undoubtedly endangered by the unreasonable dumping of waste at sea. Initially a small group of  active citizens with common concerns about the preservation of the marine environment, launched underwater and coastal cleanup actions. Within a short period of time they gained the interest and support of citizens and various organizations, leading to the expansion of Aegean Rebreath work.


The large volume of waste collected through cleaning operations has led to a new idea, the creation of special collection stations throughout Greece. This initiative is a catalyst for the sustainability of clean-up efforts, as well as for increasing environmental awareness of citizens, local communities and stakeholders.

The relevant concept idea was voted first among the 472 candidate projects submitted to the “Challenge of Democracy in Europe” contest by Advocate Europe and has already begun to be implemented in various parts of Greece.

With the fundamental principle that the basis for the protection of the marine environment is the sensitization of citizens and organized structures – both governmental and non-governmental – the team implements educational programs in schools and municipalities, many of them in cooperation with other institutions and important national foundations.

To date, Aegean Rebreath’s actions have been presented in many national and international media, denoting that the need for depollution of the seabeds and coastlines is now a global priority.


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Why Aegean Rebreath

Καθαρίζοντας το Βυθό Aegean Rebreath

Our actions in depolluting the seabeds are the first organized initiatives with the help and support of various governmental structures while our philosophy includes the awareness and training of the local communities and schools.


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