Zakinthos Activity | 26-27/09/2020

Zakinthos, Ionian sea

September 26-27, 2020


Underwater cleaning

Coastal cleaning
Research activities
Consultation with the local society


Natura Di Zante

Levante Ferries

Eurodivers Zakynthos

Poseidon Beach Hotel


A landfill island, a shameful example!

Returning to Zakynthos after a year, we came across an unacceptable and shameful situation. Unprecedented and out of control pollution are threatening one of most famous and touristic islands of the Ionian Sea.

However, we had a heartwarming welcome by the island’s inhabitants that are deeply concerned with this dramatic situation and turned to be our precious ally in the actions we took during our visit.

Clean up activities in the island’s ports, evaluation of the reefs’ status, discussion with students and a fruitful cooperation with the Natura di Zante and the local society were just a few outcomes from our 2-day visit to Zakynthos.  On top of that our visit to the net collection station that we established last year showed that the local community is really willing to revert this sad situation, while taking into account our agreement with the local authorities to establish as well a marine litter station in the island. Two days full of activities and consultation and a big promise that Aegean Rebreath will walk hand-in-hand with the community of Zakynthos to restore the natural beauty and the wellbeing of the island.

We were shocked!