Tinos Activity | 02-03/07/2022


July 02-03, 2022

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Consultation with the local society

Fast Ferries

Tinos Municipality
Tinos Koin.S.Ep. Kalloni-Kellia

The fourth year we are visiting our treasured Tinos!

We visited Tinos for the fourth year, with the support of MVS aiming at an extended initiative. Despite the strong winds that did not allow us to proceed with recovering abandoned fishing nets from reefs, we focused our efforts in two fishing ports, Chora and Panormos. It was a great pleasure when we realized, at the end, that after four years of intensive effort on the island, we have managed to completely free the two ports of marine litter and large objects. However, our initial assumptions about the burden that the port of Chora must experience, due to the usual direction of the winds and currents, were also confirmed, thus discovering a new overburdened zone and setting a new goal for the next year.

Of course, we also met good friends and partners from the Municipality of Tinos, the Tinos Koin.S.Ep. Kalloni-Kellia and the fishing community with whom we discussed all existing problems as well as the next steps for the Blue Municipalities Network.

Warm thanks to the Municipality of Tinos for the seamless cooperation and, also, to Fast Ferries for supporting our journey once again. And of course, we sincerely thank Mr. Alexandros Kouris and the Nisos microbrewery for the refreshing finish of our activity!

Complete decongestion of the two fishing ports