Tinos Activity | 13-14/10/2018


October 13 & 14, 2018


Α. Κ. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation
Tinos Municipality

“Kalloni – Kellia Tinos” Koin.S.Ep.

Short Description of Tinos Activity

When everyone keeps insisting that marine litter cannot be recycled at all, Aegean Rebreath and Koinsep Kalloni Kellia Tinos prove something different. In the context of our initiative that took place in Tinos island, 20% of marine litter recovered during our dive clean up activities was recycled.
Therefore, we feel happy for insisting that recycling should include marine litter as well as for building a partnership with Koinsep Kalloni Kellia Tinos.

No wonder we consider our initiative in Tinos, part of “Clean Island” project that is implemented in cooperation with HELMEPA – Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association and funded by Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, as a landmark for our team.

Two days of underwater clean ups which resulted in recovering more than 700 kgs of marine litter. Many thanks to the Municipality of Tinos for its unique support and for sharing our vision for the establishment of a marine litter collection station in the island. A great synergy on the way! Couldn’t be better!


A landmark activity for Aegean Rebreath in the context of the “Clean Islands" project


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