Skyros Activity | 16-17/07/2022


July 16-17, 2022

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Research activities
Consultation with the local society

Skyros Shipping Co.
Stefanidis Foundation
David Etheridge
Mathias Müller
Markos Roumeliotis

Skyros Port Fund


Our first activity on the island of Skyros

Our first activity in Skyros has been completed as, from 2021, we have the pleasure and honor to officially cooperate with the Port Authorities of the island, a founding member of the Blue Municipalities Network.

The weekend’s agenda included several activities and visits to different parts of the island, given the unprecedented storm that hit the island on July 9. We operated in two ports and the Acherunes area, visited reefs to find abandoned nets, carried out a coastal clean-up, completed our research activities and collected half a ton of fishing gear from our station installed in the port of Linaria.

At the same time, we were surprised by the level of organization and the unique infrastructure offered at the port of Linaria, practices that could be a model for the entire country. This has made us even prouder of our collaborations and the great work done in every corner of Greece.

Warm thanks to the Port Fund of Skyros and to its President, Mr. Antonopoulos, for the perfect organization and coordination of agencies and individuals, the shipping company Skyros Shipping Co. for supporting our transition to the island, Gorgonia Diving for their contribution, and also to David Etheridge, Mathias Müller and Marko Roumeliotis who, as individuals, also funded this initiative.

The port of Linaria is a fine sample of best practice!