Peace & Friendship Stadium Activity | 17/10/2020

Peace & Friendship Stadium, Athens

October 17, 2020


Athens Pride



SEF’s case illustrates the sad reality of Attica

Our initiative in SEF, organized and implemented with the precious support of Athens Pride, brought to light, once more, the distressing reality of the city. All 3 times we have visited the area, we have come across a coast completely covered with plastic litter of all kinds.

Within only two hours we collected 1105 bottles, 716 cups, 670 plastic containers and 560 straws, among other litter, that prove the enormous problem we are facing. Based on our findings, it seems that the majority of the litter is being transferred through the Ilisos and Kifisos rivers.

Another compelling piece of evidence demonstrating that the pollution of our seas comes from far beyond the coastal zone; it comes from our very own neighbourhoods!

A distressing situation at Peace & Friendship Stadium