Santorini Activity | 09/07/2022


July 09, 2022

Underwater clean up

Municipal Port Fund of Thera

Santorini Nautical Club


We returned to Santorini to fulfill our promise to the fishing community

Just a month ago we visited Santorini where we held a widespread initiative. Back then and only a few hours before our departure, we located large amounts of abandoned nets on a reef of the island following information we received from the fishing community.

We just had to return for this and we did exactly that. A small group of experienced divers arrived on the island and visited the underwater site. Two hours later almost half a ton of nets were recovered liberating a large part of the reef.

This action was important for our organization not only for restoring the health of the marine environment but also for keeping our promise to the fishing community. On this occasion, we also received almost a ton of fishing gear which was collected through our marine litter collection station in order to transfer it to the Blue Cycle facilities.

Again, we promised that we will return to the island in 2023 to see our beloved partners and expand our actions in other locations as well.

Half a ton of ghost nets out of the sea!