Santorini Activity | 04-05/06/2022


June 04 – 05, 2022

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Research activities
Consultation with the local society

Attica Group
Santo Sails
Santorini Nautical Club

Municipal Port Fund of Thira
Thira Port Police

Santorini’s activity in the context of #EUGreenWeek 2022

Exactly one year after our 2021 visit, we returned to cosmopolitan Santorini along with our favorite ally, the Attica Group volunteers. We celebrated the World Environment Day with a two-day underwater clean-up of the Vlychada fishing shelter, the mapping of the overloaded Caldera areas and several training programs that included an experiential upcycling workshop by the Athens Makerspace team.

Despite the disappointing picture of tons of marine litter being lifted from the seabed again, the presence of children from the 1st Scout System of Thera and the Nautical Club who watched with great interest the preparation of the divers and got involved in the educational program and the workshop, filled us with optimism and brought positive messages from the future. We got the same feeling from the excellent cooperation we have already developed with the fishing community, that uses and monitors the MLS of Vlychada on a daily basis. At the same time, throughout the weekend, a large number of tourists, residents and professionals passed by Vlychada, taking part, probably unknowingly, in the educational initiation that is in the very core of our activities and our team’s dynamic.

We are most grateful for the valuable cooperation and assistance of the Municipal Port Fund of Thira and the port authority for coordinating the crossings for safe diving and, of course, for the support of the Santo Sails and the NOS who provided us with the necessary boats.

Children is our hope for the future!