Lavrio Activity | 25/06/2022


June 25, 2022

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Consultation with the local society

Watt & Wolt

Watt & Wolt

Our first extended activity in Attica!

Our first extended activity in Attica was completed with great success with the help and support of WATT+VOLT and the exemplary cooperation of the Lavrio Port Authority.

It is always a great pleasure when we meet new and proactive volunteers, like the members of the WATT+VOLT employee team, who came on Saturday to Lavrio, many of them with their families. We joined forces to relieve congestion in Lavrio’s A Marina and the beach of Thoricus and, despite the limited visibility, we managed to remove tons of marine litter from the seabed which, unfortunately, is extremely burdened.

Through this operation, we had the chance to assess the situation in one of the largest ports of Attica, meet and discuss thoroughly with the Head and staff of the Port Authority about the next steps of our cooperation, as well as introduce WATT+VOLT to our work in the field and highlight the importance of the van the company has donated, our precious company throughout Greece.

We joined forces with WATT+VOLT in an extraordinary operation