Poros Activity | 04-05/12/2021


December 04-05, 2021

Underwater clean ups
Research activities
Consultation with the local society

The Yacht Week
Attica Group

Municipality of Poros
Poros Diving Center

Our last operation for 2021 was a proper feast

The beginning of winter found us at the sea bottom once more. With many young volunteers and a large team, we completed our operations for 2021 in our favorite Poros. Emotional yet satisfied for the achievements of the closing year, we put on our best mood and threw ourselves into an intensive two-day work to decongest the extremely overburdened bottom of Poros.

Our fourth action in Poros and yet the seabed of the port and the marina continues to be an informal underwater landfill. The data from waste recording, unfortunately, brings Poros to the first place among the most litter-burdened islands. Huge quantities of plastic, aluminium, glass and all kinds of litter were exposed at the pier drawing the attention of all passers-by and residents.

Sadly, we confirmed once again that changing the mentality and leveraging awareness on the impact of some seemingly innocent everyday actions is a long and painful road, full of initial disappointments but also small, important achievements. Having as our allies the active citizens and the municipalities we continue our work with optimism and persistence! We will return to the field of action with much determination in 2022!

A weekend full of action!