Paros Activity | 16-17/10/2021


October 16 – 17, 2021

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Research activities
Consultation with the local society

Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)
Blue Star Ferries

Municipaliy of Paros

Tourism and pollution!

For us, operating in Paros means returning to favourite places and reuniting with close, dear friends and associates. Paros is the first of the islands that acquired two Marine Litter Collection Stations, in a very short timespan one from the other, which operate under the supervision of employees of the Municipality, fishermen and many citizens. At the same time, however, it is one of the busiest islands, as we sadly ascertained, after operating in its two main ports, Naoussa and Parikia.

Together with the Apivita volunteers, we managed to withdraw, among other things, almost 2,000 recyclable products of daily use, as the remnants of the tourist flow during the summer months. This is the same sad picture we encountered two years ago on the island and we are impressed that there are still people who continue to consider the sea as a trash can. Glass bottles stacked on the bottom and aluminium cans of soft drinks and alcohol clearly indicate a specific criminal mentality and way of acting.

Unfortunately, this is the reality that the inhabitants face during the tourist months although they make a great effort to keep their island clean and contribute in every way possible to save the seas. We are by their side and we will continue our work with perseverance.

Active citizens facing the sad remnants of the tourist season