Paros Activity | 12-14/04/19

Paros, Cyclades

April 12-14, 2019

Inauguration of a marine litter collection station
Underwater cleaning
Research activities
School training sessions

Municipality of Paros

Short Description of Paros Activity

Three days filled with educational activities and underwater cleaning in the context of installing another marine litter collection station.

A number of local partners and synergies. A unique initiative including the inauguration of a marine litter collection station, school training available to more than 170 students, consultation with the local society, harbor and reefs clean up, research in terms of physico-chemical and microplastics tests.

We have co-organized this event with the Municipality of Paros and in cooperation with the area’s Port Office, the fishermen association, nautical clubs, citizen groups, Greek Scuba Diving and Blue Star Ferries, including various extended activities aiming to illustrate that our worries are everybody’s concern.

We will be happy to have you with us in this effort!

Educational workshops, underwater cleaning and another installation of marine litter collection and upcycling!

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