Nisiros Activity 20-21/06/2020

Nisiros island

June 20-21, 2020

Underwater, Coastal, Consultation


Municipality of Nisiros
Aegean Airlines
START create culture change
Volcano Bubbles diving school


Nisyrio N.G.O.
Hellenic Coast Guard Nisiros










Aegean Rebreath’s First Visit to the Dodecanese!

We left Nisyros tired but encouraged! First of all we met wonderful, engaged people who want to change problematic attitudes and behaviours towards the environment. We came back with new friends with whom we will also work in the future to implement targeted actions.

Our first visit to the island was marked by a number of activities in different parts of the island. In just 1.5 days we visited 5 different locations where we carried out cleaning and evaluations on beaches, ports and reefs. We identified areas suffocated by fishing gear and beaches marred by plastic. Unfortunately, our suspicion that the degree of tourism is directly related to the extreme burden of waste in island communities, was confirmed. It seems this burden also extends to neighbouring islands, as they too experience excessive marine litter carried across the sea.

This experience gave us valuable insight into our next moves on the island. We discussed these needs with both the local community and the Mayor of the island.

We are looking forward to returning to our friends and partners to really get to work in Niyros!


A new partnership!