Naxos Activity | 22-23/04/2023


April 22 – 23, 2023

Underwater & Coastal clean-ups
Research activities
Educational programs
Consultation with the local society

Attica Group

Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades
Port Fund of Naxos
Naxos Island Wildlife Protection

Our first joint initiative with Apivita for 2023

We returned to Naxos island, a member of the Blue Municipalities Network, together with Apivita for our first joint initiative in 2023. 

After four visits to the island we can definitely discuss the significant reduction of pollution in the port! Holistic activities once again with underwater and coastal cleanups, educational programs and reefs’ assessment for abandoned fishing gear. At the same time, we discussed with the municipal authorities the next steps of the network. 

The support of the municipal authorities and of the Attica Group as well as the contribution of the Earth Defenders from the IAE Lille University School of Management was crucial therefore we can only thank them!

Significant reduction of pollution in the port!