Naxos Activity | 13-14/11/2021


November 13 – 14, 2021

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Research activities
Consultation with the local society

Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)
Attica Group

Δήμος Νάξου
Naxos Island Wildlife Protection



An impressive operation in Naxos and the inauguration of the Marine Litter Collection Station

Mid-November and we found ourselves on the largest island of the Cyclades for a two-day operation and quite a few pleasant surprises. The trip started with encouraging signs as we had the pleasure to welcome several new volunteers to our team but also to work with some new enthusiastic volunteers, the employees of Attica Group. That manpower was enriched by the help of our treasured collaborators from the Naxos Wildlife Protection Center and several residents of Naxos who were informed about the implementation of the actions and came to assist us in our effort. The result, in terms of cooperation, was fascinating as many people of different ages worked flawlessly, with a spirit of responsibility and solidarity.

The goal was common and eventually visible as thousands of litter were pulled from the bottom of the fishing shelter of Chora, the recordings of which far exceeded the usual numbers. Hundreds of plastic bottles, disposable cups and aluminium cans, fishing gear of all kinds, and unusual items such as a toilet, are just some of the items that were thrown into the sea. Unfortunately, the beach of Laguna, where we had a coastal cleaning, was no better; a coast that, among other things, is in the vicinity of the Aliki lagoon, a protected area of ​​wildlife and important wetland.

Given the huge problem of marine pollution, the installation of the Marine Litter Collection Station in Naxos proved to be imperative. We are confident that the very existence of the station along with its proper use, the concept of marine litter that was reflected in such a tangible way in the two days of operations and the awareness of residents, agencies and the Municipality will soon bring about the desired overthrow.

Strength in numbers!