Milos Activity | 03-04/09/2022


September 03-04, 2022

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Research activities
Consultation with the local society

ΑΝΕΚ Lines
Sea Jets
Volcano boat


Our first autumn operation!

The beginning of autumn found us in the field implementing our expanded activities. This time the destination was Milos, an island we hadn’t visited before and where, with few exceptions, we faced several difficulties due to the insufficient help from the municipal authorities and the local community. Nevertheless, our team, in perfect cooperation with the Apivita team, managed to carry out the activity with great success. An activity which gathered the interest of international media and specifically of the German channel ARD that broadcasted all operations.

Within one day, we managed to relieve the two ports of Adamas to a large extent and also made an attempt in Polyaigos – it was already almost night- in order to retrieve a significant amount of abandoned nets. We are proud of our team members and our partners as our perseverance and the common goal are the driving force to overcome any difficulties and obstacles.

First time on Milos!