Magnesia Seas/Pelio Activity I 12/05/2019

Pelio, Magnesia

May 12, 2019

Research, Consultation with local society, Underwater & Coastal

Magnesia Chamber
Zoumbosub Diving Center

Volos Scuba Divers Club
Greek Rescue Team Magnesia

Short Description of Magnesia/Pilio Activity

“Magnesia seas” initiative part 1!
Another busy weekend for us. Aegean Rebreath, following the initiative of ΣύνΘεσις –, implemented widespread activities together with numerous local stakeholders. Extensive consultation with the local stakeholders, coastal and underwater activities in Pilio and research activities. One thing is for sure: Extremely promising engagement of local society and a great introductory initiative paving the way for establishing a marine litter collection station in Magnesia!