Leukada Activity 11-12/07/2020

Leukada island

July 11-12, 2020

Underwater, Consultation


Municipality of Leukada
Ionian Natura
Lefkas Diving Center










Celebrating the first marine litter station in Ionian islands with activities

This trip to Lefkada was different! We met old and new friends and partners, we inaugurated our first station in the Ionian islands, we exchanged views with the local community and we introduced activities in new parts of the island.

We also enjoyed the unique support we received from the Municipality of Leukada and Lefkas Diving Center in order to implement clean up activities in two harbors and reefs where we recovered a ton of nets!  Of course we were also there to develop research activities for microplastics.

On the one hand it was sad to witness the level of pollution in the area as well as the clear responsibility of fish farms that illegally dumped nets into the sea, but on the other hand we felt really lucky for having such local partners. This is the reason why we are more than certain that our first station in the Ionian will be an example for the rest of islands in the area!

Ready for building a network in Ionian islands!