Lefkada Activity | 02-03/10/2021


October 02 – 03, 2021

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Research activities
Consultation with the local society

Municipaliy of Lefkada
Ionian Natura
Lefkas Diving Center



Returning to our beloved Lefkada!

A year after the inauguration of the Marine Litter Collection Station at the fishing shelter of Lygia, we returned to our beloved island of Lefkada for an intensive two-day operation in collaboration with local friends. With great enthusiasm, we started our activities at the main port of Lefkada where we managed to decongest the seabed from large quantities of marine litter that had been concentrated in various parts.

Despite having zero visibility underwater, our divers, in collaboration with volunteers who were at the pier, managed to lift a large volume of disposable plastics and many bulky items such as car tires, chairs, supermarket trolleys, unidentified metal objects, etc. which remained half-buried at the seabed of the harbour. All the litter was transported, in cooperation with the municipal services to safe disposal.

On the second day, we faced an even greater challenge in our attempt to decongest Alexander Bay: with the help of our underwater robot-ROV, we located large quantities of abandoned nets. In an intensive and long operation, our divers managed to lift 5 tons of abandoned nets from the seabed!

The results of our operations in Lefkada confirm the important problems that continue to exist in our seas and underline the need for constant mobilization in order to address them. At the same time, the excellent cooperation with the municipality of Lefkada as well as the enthusiasm of the volunteers and local friends, fill us with optimism and drive to return again and again to one of our favorite islands and work intensively to decontaminate the seabed.

An intensive two-day operation with exceptional results!