Kymi Activity 03/08/2019

Kymi, Evoia island

August 03, 2019


A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation


Activity in Kymi with the support of the local community

On Saturday 3d of August we implemented a clean up initiative in the harbor of Kimi (Evoia island). As we learned there was never before such an initiative in the area, therefore the locals were enthusiastic about our activities and really concerned on the preservation of the marine environment.

The results were great concerning the amount of marine litter we recovered, however it was more important for us the fact that we developed consultation with the locals and built ties, in order to organize further activities that will involve local stakeholders towards  protecting marine environment and changing malpractices.

Upon informing the local coast guard authorities, our team dove in two different spots of the harbor and recovered 700 items, including 255 batteries found in a small reef, 50 plastic bottles, 70 bottle caps and 1 big sack of plastic fragments.

Furthermore we removed 3 big sacks of fishing line that were handed to BlueCycle program for further processing.  The recyclable materials were placed to recycling bins while the rest of materials for safe disposal.

The fishermen, fully linked with the sea, are the ones who understand better than anyone the importance of adopting environmentally friendly practices. In the peaceful harbor of Kymi we found a number of big fishing boats and trawls. The only ferry that is found in the harbor is the one connecting Skyros island with Kymi.

The consequences of marine pollution for our profession are extremely serious, since a lot of times I do find plastic bags within fishes’ stomach, especially when it has to do with the species leaving in the upper water column“, says Mr. Dimitris who is a fisherman for more than 15 years.

“You can’t easily stop being a fisherman since sea gives you a unique feeling of freedom. However rules and laws should be in place”, Mr. Dimitris concludes.

Nevertheless, instead promoting practices and environmentally friendly materials within fishing industry we are witnessing the increasing use of plastics. The replacement of wooden cranes with polystyrene fish boxes, in order to ensure more efficient fish stocks storage, has been proven catastrophic since they eventually break down into tiny particles that enter the diet of fish.

The Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants of Kymi welcomed our initiative too recognizing that environment and tourism go hand in hand.

“We are aware that the cost of marine pollution is high for the tourist industry, therefore we consider training and awareness activities really important for our society. We really want to work with Aegean Rebreath on that”, Mr. Konstantinos Trakos, President of the Confederation, says!

And like that we left Kymi inspired with new ideas…