Kos Activity | 16/04/2022


April 16, 2022

Underwater & Coastal clean ups
Consultation with the local society

Attica Group

Municipal Port Fund of Kos
Nisyrio N.G.O.

Our second activity on distant Kos

Our second activity for 2022 took us to the Dodecanese, on the island of Kos, in collaboration and with the support of Attica Group. Despite the long journey and the adverse weather conditions that limited our operations to a single day, that time was enough to realize the magnitude of the problem in the busy central port of the island, Mandraki.

Our satisfaction is twofold as Saturday’s 12-hour operation resulted in the retrieval of huge amounts of litter from the seabed of the port and Psalidi beach. All this was possible thanks to the excellent cooperation and stubbornness of our team that, this time, had the pleasure to join the team of the volunteer employees of Attica Group. The help we received is invaluable but the most impressive and optimistic outcome from this event is the way and the reason that brings together people who have never met before to become an exceptional team for the common goal, the wellbeing of the marine environment.

Thank you all one by one! We also had the pleasure to have volunteers from Nisyros with us, our familiar and dear partners.

When the common goal becomes the drive for teamwork!