Kolovrechtis Activity | 03/02/2018

Kolovrechtis, Evoia

February 3, 2018


Short Description of Kolovrechtis Activity

In the context of the World Day of Wetlands, we managed to collect more than a ton of garbage from the wetland of Kolovrechtis, an area with a huge environmental value.

The staff of the two concerned municipalities (Dirfion-Messapion & Chalkis), 4 citizens’ associations and more than 40 volunteers worked together very efficiently and managed to restore the area’s ecosystem.

More than half of the litter collected was placed in a reclining station and some of them will be used for creating works of art while others for producing new products.

Among the collected objects were 3476 plastic bottles and 549 plastic bags.


1 ton of collected litter with more than a half of them being re-used for creating works of art and producing new products.