Kea Activity | 20/11/2018


November 20, 2018


Α. Κ. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation
Kea Municipality

Short Description of Kea Activity

Another example of the sea being treated like a dumpster even in very touristic places. The zenith was retrieving a large garbage bin from the sea!

This is another proof that unacceptable behaviors are widespread throughout the country and the people not only throw waste and recyclable materials in the sea but also the very bins that are to be used for their collection and recycling.

Sadly, the bottom of the sea is used as a wasteland for all kinds of materials and objects…



Locating & retrieving, among others, of a large recycle bin from the bottom of the sea...


Λογότυπο Ιδρύματος Λασκαρίδη    Λογότυπο Δήμου Κέας