Antiparos Activity | 21-23/09/2018


September 21 – 23, 2018

Underwater & Coastal

Cyclades Preservation Fund
Antiparos Municipality

Plastic Free Greece

Short Description Antiparos Activity

So, this is the UNIQUE journey that started in Antiparos island! The first ever effort to establish a marine litter collection station with the aim of channeling recovered material to recycling and upcycling units! A project that involves setting up an outdoor station, training of school and fishermen community and cooperation with the municipal authorities, stakeholders in recycling and upcycling, civil society. An initiative that aims to deliver concrete messages within a year, through activities that will be undertaken frequently.

That was our introductory initiative that included 2 days activities such as coastal and diving operations, exchanging views with fishermen and local society, school training, painting of bins that will be used in the collection station, classifying marine litter etc. This is a really big challenge, however we are really optimistic for achieving a shared objective: Having citizens and local authorities united towards marine debris!

Many thanks to Cyclades Preservation Fund for its support in making this project possible, the Municipality of Antiparos for its cooperation and decisive role and BlueIsland-Divers, Antiparos, Greece for our great partnership! And special thanks to many many volunteers for their amazing contribution and work. Let’s make it happen!

Installation of the first station for collecting and upcycling marine litter that makes circular economy an action rather than just a theory


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