Andros Activity 30-31/05/2020

Andros island

May 30-31, 2020

Underwater, Research

Andros Maritime Association

ALS Marine Consultants


Green Fund/Ministry of Environment & Energy

Andros’ Cycladic Tourism Network

Ostria Hotel & Apartments

Riva Rental

Explore Andros

Successful second round of operations!

For more than four months we weren’t able to reach Andros island due to weather conditions and COVID-19.

As a result we had to focus on coordinating activities together with the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Andros Maritime Association, ALS Marine Consultants and the local society in order to properly organize the second round of operations.

The result was absolutely great. Within a week, all together we managed to finalize digital mapping of the area and the volumetric measurement of the so called ‘plastic reefs’ as well as to obtain samples for research purposes.

The conclusions will help conducting an environmental study; however the preliminary findings show that the environmental damage is bigger than we thought, since the landfill covers 400 acres of the sea floor and reaches 105 meters depth.

In a few days we will be aware of our next steps. However, apart from all our partners that helped us carrying out the tasks, we would like to thank all those that responded to the crowdfunding we organized, since without their support we wouldn’t be able to launch and finalize activities. Another victory for the civil society!

Ready for the next step on a unique mission!