Supporters & Donors

We are very happy and grateful for the varied support we are getting even from our initial steps. Without our supporters and donors, either governmental, local, cultural structures or every individual person that has donated to our cause, we wouldn’t have accomplished so much since the birth of our organization in 2017.

Their support in all levels and fields is precious and a solid base for us to be able to keep on cleaning the seas and educate the local communities, organizations and schools./p>

Find below a short presentation of each of our supporters and donors along with details of their contribution to our work.


The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week has provided significant support to our organization for the establishment and the annual operation of our third marine litter station in Greece.

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Aegean Rebreath Blue Star Ferries Donor Logo

Blue Star Ferries

Blue Star Ferries has significantly supported the transportation of our missions to multiple islands of the Aegean Sea.

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We are honored for our collaboration with Maris Pearl Co. in raising awareness and developing activities about marine conservation! Maris Pearl Co., located in Hawaii, will pledge 5% of their total profits and 50% of the profits from every sale of their signature net bag to support Aegean Rebreath initiatives. We hope that our work will support Maris Pearl Co efforts for building synergies and promote plastic free policies at local level.

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A.K. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation

We have received remarkable support for materializing extended activities in 6 islands in the context of the “Clean Islands” Program. At the same time, we participate in the working group for “Coastal Cleaning & Volunteerism”.

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Λογότυπο Ιδρύματος Αικατερίνης Λασκαρίδη

Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation

We have a contract of cooperation for implementing various activities and the collection and processing of various fishing tools and plastics collected as trash from the seas along with their re-use in the context of the circular economy principles.

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Cyclades Preservation Fund

We got a remarkable support and contribution for the creation and installation of the first marine litter collection station in Greece, located in Antiparos Island.

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Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA)

Apart from the support we had during the initiation of our work, we have closely worked with HELMEPA in the frame of the “Clean Islands” Program that was funded by the A.K. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation.

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Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation

Captain Vasilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation has supported us with the planning and materialization of multiple educational, coastal and underwater activities in the prefecture of Messinia.

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Λογότυπο ΕΥΑΘ

Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co. S.A.(EYATH)

We have developed a fruitful cooperation with EYATH for coastal and underwater activities in the area of Thessaloniki.

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Λογότυπο Ναυτικού Ομίλου Σύρου

Syros Nautical Club

We have a permanent cooperation for the implementation of extended activities on Syros and the installation of the first marine litter collection station on the island.

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